I better explain the obvious first, it's an evolved Irish slang-of-slang from ‘Come here to me’ or ‘Come here till I tell you…’ - neither of which requires one to move anywhere but instead usually insinuates some sort of gossip or a random fact.

Despite now being a professional creative, I spent two years studying Chemistry with Molecular Modelling and then a year in straight Computer Science. I left college in pursuit of my passion, but not out of a disinterest in either of those lines of study.

I’m captivated with learning about things that I have no business learning, which certainly does not mean that I am particularly smart or an expert in anything at all, rather I am just not afraid to get stuck into things I’m seemingly completely underqualified to be privy to.

I love to know how the world works and I’m fascinated by science, engineering, maths, business, economics, people, culture and so much more. I procrastinate by watching educational videos & documentaries and reading articles & papers, on anything and everything. This is, of course, just as much of a flaw, but anyway.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there is a whole collective of people who will completely refuse to engage with new knowledge or concepts and other people’s perspectives. Fields like quantum physics are scary, they are incredibly complicated, but you don’t have to be anyone special or have some sort of degree to try to obtain a basic and fundamental understanding of the concepts that run the world.

So I started C’mere to me for a few reasons.

Firstly, as a way to share some of the things that I stumble upon and find interesting, but crucially with links to allow you to go and form your own opinions.

Secondly, to promote the idea of learning seemingly random/unrelated to your field but actually really important things, sharing insights and new perspectives, trying to help people form a more explored and rounded view of the world, and to somewhat change the stigma around being a nerd.

C’mere to me should represent a shared curiosity.

And finally, I wanted to challenge myself - to learn a new skill, to learn to write, to practice compiling stories and chasing further sources. I also wanted to be able to share updates about my business and projects, share experiences with mental health, and little things from the internet that made me smile.

Every week, I will do my best to share takes on society & culture that drew my attention for one reason or another. I’ll also look at science & technology, business, arts & music and so much more. As a photographer, I will include some of my favourite images that caught my eye each week.

My goal is simply to draw your attention to some new story or perspective, at a glance and a scroll.

Just a little something interesting. Every week.

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Just a little something interesting. Every week.


Photographer & Filmmaker | Dublin, Ireland